Vulnerability and Management of Water Injectors

When:  Jun 15, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (MT)
Associated with  Lloydminster Section


Water-injection is commonly employed to supplement reservoir energy and improve sweep efficiency in oil developments. In such applications, the injectivity and longevity of water injectors drive productivity and recovery. However, injectors are vulnerable to impairments, resulting in their gradual injectivity decline and possible catastrophic failure. To maximise value from water injectors, a holistic understanding of their impairment mechanisms is imperative.

This lecture examines injector impairment, and the conditions under which an injector fails. With impairments broadly classified into hard and soft mechanisms, both classes are explored, while elucidating the main factors controlling each of these. Options to mitigate impairments are discussed, while laboratory and field examples are reviewed. The main take-away from this lecture is a better understanding of how to competitively improve the performance and longevity of water injectors. Relevant tips include (i) robust network design, well planning and delivery; (ii) high-quality injection water; (iii) effective surveillance; (iv) management of operating envelopes; and (v) maximising uptime. Accounting for injector impairments in production forecasts, as well as providing injector redundancy and intervention budgets are considered good practices to deliver credible business plans, hence safeguarding incremental reserves linked to water-injection projects.



Following a 10-year stint in Shell Nigeria, Kazeem A. Lawal is currently the Head of Reservoir Engineering at FIRST Exploration & Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria. He holds a BSc degree in chemical engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria), as well as MSc and PhD degrees in petroleum engineering from the University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria) and Imperial College London, respectively. He has extensive experience in reservoir engineering, spanning the industry, academia and consulting. He has authored more than 40 technical papers, and served as a technical reviewer for journals and conferences. He received the 2014 SPE-Africa regional award in reservoir description and dynamics.


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