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  • November 2021 - SPE Distinguished Lecturer - Michael Adegbite

    Monday, November 8, 2021, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM MT
    Preferential Weld Corrosion and Integrity of Oil and Gas Facilities Michael Adegbite Abstract: Preferential weld corrosion (PWC) remains a major operational challenge that jeopardizes the integrity of oil and gas production facilities. It is the selective dissolution of metal associated with welds, such that the weld metal (WM) and / or the adjacent heat-affected zone (HAZ) corrode rather than the parent metal (PM). This is further exacerbated by either high velocity uninterrupted flow in tubing and pipelines or obstructed flow at changes in geometry such as welding seams, valves, sudden expansions, elbows and threaded joints. PWC of low carbon steels is commonly encountered in seawater injection systems, produced water service, offshore platforms and downhole-production systems, both in oil production and in gas-condensate production. Since PWC is localized, it cannot be effectively mitigated through standard use of corrosion allowance; particularly when designing pipework systems or flowlines. Care is also required in transfer of remedial measures to different applications because of the complexity of interacting factors that may lead to additional problems. Corrosion inhibition is conventionally used to mitigate this problem; however, several indications suggest that some corrosion inhibitors may increase PWC. Furthermore, it is difficult to detect systems that are susceptible to PWC and or to understand the apparent ineffectiveness of some corrosion inhibitors at high flow rates. This discourse therefore, establishes that thorough knowledge of PWC mechanisms and relaible predictive technic are imperative in order to address weld integrity issues and economic operations, especially in offshore pipeline systems. Biography: Michael Adedokun Adegbite is currently the Director of Offshore Techology and Energy Centre, Petroleum Training Institute Nigeria. His interest includes performance of welded joints. He has authored / co-authored over 30 papers, supervised graduate theses and conducted notable commissioned projects. Michael is a certified Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1) and holds BSc in Metallurgical Engineering, MSc in Welding, MSc in Offshore and Ocean Technology, and PhD in Corrosion Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Life member of American Society for Non-Destructive Testing, among others. He chaired the Society of Petroleum Engineers Section 104 in 2009 / 2010 and received many Distinguished Awards, including 2019 SPE Projects, Construction and Facilities Africa Region Award. Event details: This is scheduled to be an online event, the SPE Distinguished Lecturer will be providing his presentation remotely.  -Event will be free for both SPE members and Non-SPE members. -Registration will be required via e-mail by November 5, 2021. -E-mail lloydminster@spemail.org to RSVP for the event. -Further login instructions will be provided through e-mail a few days prior to the event. 

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